About United Way of the Crossroads

At United Way of the Crossroads, we strive to build a better life for everyone in our community. Every day, we bring partners and resources together to serve people who need help to improve their quality of life. Donate Now

Providing Leadership

Convening Partnerships

Developing Resources and Solutions

Our Impact

At United Way of the Crossroads, we work for the common good of our community. By helping people get the foundation they need to live a good life, we aim to create a strong community and a better tomorrow for all. Our focus areas are youth success, financial stability, and health. We aim to create a community where our kids have access to education and support to be successful, families and individuals are financially self-sufficient, and everyone has access to nutritious food and opportunities to get, and stay, healthy.

We not only fund programs but also support them to be successful. All of our partner agencies go through a comprehensive allocation process each year. Along with funding non profits that do great work, we are constantly learning and improving how we and our partner agencies serve the Crossroads.

Youth Success

We support children and teens to build a great foundation for tomorrow’s community leaders. We fund agencies who support students both in and out of school, provide extracurricular opportunities for kids when school is not in session, and through CASA train volunteers who advocate on behalf of children’s best interests in legal proceedings.

Financial Stability

Financial stability relies on a web of resources and personal and social factors. Our partner agencies provide a host of resources including short and long term housing, job training, credit counseling, life-skills training, substance abuse recovery, and transitional support.


Health can be particularly challenging for low-income families. We help them get access to healthy and nutritious food and support them to maintain a health lifestyle. By providing access to substance abuse programs, quality health care, and nutritious food, we ensure the overall quality of their lives is enhanced.

Our Mission

We mobilize and support a vibrant local network of people, partners, and resources to create opportunities for every person in our community to live free from poverty and other challenges. We aim to build a united and resilient community where everyone belongs and everyone thrives.

Our Focus

We provide an organizing framework for elevating student success, supporting families, and engaging our communities throughout the Crossroads region. We improve our community by providing leadership, convening partnerships, developing resources, and finding solutions.

Our History

United Way of the Crossroads started as the red feather or “community chest,” then became the “United Way of Victoria” in 1947, and finally became United Way of the Crossroads. Under the leadership of Bethany Castro, we are celebrating the 75th anniversary of the inception of this organization. Kim Pickens and Gracie Salazar provide guidance to our team, which currently serves Victoria, Goliad, Dewitt, and Lavaca Counties, as well as the City of Gonzales.

Our primary goal is to work for the betterment of the community, focusing on education, financial stability, and health. But we also try to make the world a better place for everyone by being a model organization with an inclusive workplace and a diverse workforce.

United Way of the Crossroads knows our success is measured by how well we deliver on our mission to make measurable improvements in our community. And we understand the importance of setting high standards for ourselves and our local partners. Membership standards are in place for all local United Ways to ensure accountability and transparency.

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