Tiny Libraries

Our Tiny Library program places stocked reading nooks in Crossroads daycares and other places kids gather. This initiative aims at putting books in the hands of young children and their families, and to encourage them to read together. Reading daily to young children, starting in infancy, can help with language acquisition, literacy skills, and improves cognitive function. In fact, a recent brain scan study found that “reading at home with children from an early age was strongly correlated with brain activation in areas connected with visual imagery and understanding the meaning of language” (TIME.com) Studies have shown that “the more words that are in a child’s language world, the more words they will learn, and the stronger their language skills are when they reach kindergarten, the more prepared they are to be able to read, and the better they read, the more likely they will graduate from high school” (PBS.org). Read more about the importance of caregivers reading to young children here.

A. Sponsor - Do you have a heart for little ones and want to make the building and maintenance of our Tiny Libraries possible? Sponsor a Tiny Library [or several]! You'll be recognized prominently on each reading nook and in our social media posts when your Tiny Library is placed in its host location. Or you can join in our effort to crowdsource funding for a Tiny Library!

B. Build - Are you handy? Do you have workshop space? We need you! We will provide detailed plans and materials.

C. Host - We look for daycares, barber shops, and other places where little ones gather. There is no cost to have a tiny library in your location. We will restock your books approximately every 6 weeks. 

Thank you to our partners!


Questions? Contact us – actnow@unitedwaycrossroads.org